Whether it was the eighties in Manchester; the New York nineties (reclaiming top spot back from the seventies) or Holland since the Millennium there’s always been a creative dance hub at any one place or time in the world; a country or city that, quite simply, defines electronic music and drives it forward toward future generations. Que to the present day and it’s hard to deny that honour now lies in Scandinavia.

Be it artists or labels, the trio of countries that comprise Northern Europe are currently THE creative hot tub when it comes to electronic music. But one label, in one country, is undoubtedly one-step ahead of the zeitgeist-curve – and that’s Sweden’s Mutants.

The brainchild of world-renowned DJ and producer John Dahlback, Mutants has established itself as a global force in just three short years; a seminal watchword for some of the most exciting music and artists currently at work today. Whether it’s giants like Avicii, Tommy Trash and John himself, or fast-rising talent such as the Lunde Bros, Faustix and Flipmonks, Mutants consistently presents dynamic music that truly stands out from the crowd; tracks that, come 3am on a drenched, bouncing dancefloor, invade the brain and refuse to leave.

“I didn’t start Mutants with any one objective,” explains Dahlback, “I just wanted an outlet for some of my own work and all the brilliant music that was being sent to me on a daily basis. I had no idea it would grow in such a prolific, fun and influential way, although I’m delighted it has! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us…”